Welcome to ALL STAR F.C.- Below is a summary of our new program for Fall and Winter. We are very excited about this program and Know this will serve as fun and exciting winter clinic for every player.

Fall/Winter 2018/19 Futsal Programs

Registration opens on October 3rd


Why Futsal?

Futsal puts each player in a fast environment that forces them to make instant decisions, improve their footwork skills, and become comfortable possessing and controlling the ball.  Futsal’s smaller court creates tighter spaces which translates to speed play and pushes players to be more creative and to take more chances which furthers their development.     

What is Futsal?

Futsal is a 5 a side version of soccer played on hard surfaces {Gym} and is one of the fastest growing indoor sports.  Youth futsal teams are comprised of 7 to 9 players with 4 team players and 1 goalie on the court at game time.  Speed of play, number of touches, and main focus on skills development have all contributed to FIFA making Futsal the only officially recognized variant of indoor soccer.